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And a huge welcome to our ONLINE HUB (Please read disclaimer below)

To access our library of videos or eating plans please click on the relevant picture below, and enter your password when prompted

Passwords will be send by email and are changed monthly  - No Password, No Access

If you are having difficulty with your password please contact Vikki on the phone number or email given below

Disclaimer - Please Read before commencing any exercise

·        All exercise done at home is done completely at your own risk.

·        Before you start please ensure the area you are using is clear of trip hazards or furniture etc. that may be in the way.

·        Please warm up and cool down thoroughly to avoid injury.

·        Just as in class please drink freely throughout your workout.

·        DO NOT exercise if you feel at all unwell, or with a temperature, if unsure please call 111 for advice.

·        If you haven’t done so already please click the button below and fill out our screening form.

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