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Weight Management & Fitness Classes

Do you want to drop clothes sizes, change your shape, eat better, feel more confident and become fitter than you are now?

These are all benefits of attending Shape yourself classes! Our classes are a unique blend of healthy eating and exercise. Our weigh in and workout classes are fun, informative and get the results YOU want when YOU change your lifestyle with OUR help. Support and motivation are the key to your success.

The classes offer you a weekly weigh in on a one to one basis,a nutritional talk followed by a workout suitable for all levels. If you have never exercised, have injuries or have a medical condition which makes you nervous about exercise our classes can suit your needs.

Please feel free to contact me prior to attending any of the classes to discuss any concerns.

About Vikki

Hi, my name is Vikki Radford, I launched Shape Yourself 5 years ago to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. We all know the traditional slimming and weight loss programmes, Slimming World and Weight Watchers being household names and are still very popular. I do offer the weigh in and food advice but it’s more about the whole picture. I believe the key to health, including maintaining a good weight is balance! Eat well, sleep well, exercise and spend time relaxing doing the things you love. [READ MORE…]

HIIT Classes

Blast your way through 30 minutes of exciting, simple, intense fitness moves. Classes are run as a 6 week course from £24. [READ MORE…]

Modern Pilates Classes

A class designed to condition and tone the body. Enhance posture and muscle balance, realign the spine and improve the function and appearance of the body. Courses run every 7 weeks. [READ MORE…]

Weigh In & Work Out

My all in one great value class offering a personal weigh in, group nutritional talk and group exercise for 45 minutes £6.50 per week or monthly standing order £24. [READ MORE…]

Employee Well Being

The statistics around work-related stress, depression and anxiety in Britain are quite shocking, with 526,000 cases and 12.5 million work days lost in 2016/2017. [READ MORE…]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic all classes have moved online via a private facebook group 'Virtual Vikki'. If you would like to join us then message via Facebook Shape Yourself Classes or email

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