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Weight Management & Fitness Classes

We are back in community classes 

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Weight Management & Fitness Classes

Weight Management & Fitness Classes in the Stockport area of the U.K
Do you want to drop clothes sizes, change your shape, eat better, feel more confident and become fitter than you are now?

These are all benefits of attending Shape Yourself classes! Our classes are a unique blend of healthy eating and exercise. Our weigh in and workout classes are fun, informative and get the results YOU want when YOU change your lifestyle with OUR help. Support and motivation are the key to your success.

The classes offer you a weekly weigh in on a one to one basis, a nutritional talk followed by a workout suitable for all levels. If you have never exercised, have injuries or have a medical condition which makes you nervous about exercise,

our classes can suit your needs.

Please feel free to contact me prior to attending any of the classes to discuss any concerns.

Classes on offer

Modern Pilates


Weight Management Advice

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